Hair is alive! You have to get involved with that.

genuine haircare stands for effective hair care without animal testing.

"What we want! As a trainer, speaker and presenter on national and international stages, I see: the beauty industry has become accustomed to making things complicated. But you as a customer want something completely different. You want to look good and well-groomed. As your hairdresser, I have the same desire. Based on the suggestions of my customers, my own hair care has now been designed. In collaboration with my team, a clear product line has been developed that focuses on your needs. Highly effective - easy to use - made from high-quality raw materials - salon quality for your daily hair care." -Jörg Wilken

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The products of Genuine Haircare are for me simply the optimal care and regeneration in one. It not only feels great and smells incredibly good but also always looks beautiful powerful and healthy.


Karo Kauer - Stuttgart

The products of genuine I now use for about two months. One thing I can say for sure: Other products no longer come into my house.

Nicole Steiner

I can only put everyone to the heart, try the products! Do not be deterred by the prices, you get along in any case much longer with the products, because you use smaller quantities and the hair must wash less often.



I can really only thank Genuine. In these products is a lot of love and even more innovation! Maybe I actually only have you to thank for the fact that the dream of the long hair girl could still come true ;)



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