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What is the best way to build my personal care?

What should NOT be missing in my hair care?
Why do I need a leave in conditioner?
For what do I need which styling products?
Which brush is suitable for my hair?
Which brush do I need for which styling?

Most important: Shampoo + Care Mask!


Apart from cleansing the hair and scalp, a shampoo ensures that the hair cuticle opens to transport nutrients, moisture or color pigments into the hair. A hair mask, on the other hand, closes the cuticle of the hair again, makes it supple, easy to comb and promotes regeneration.

Here you will find our

Here you will find our

A leave-in conditioner is there to seal the pores and broken areas of your hair. At the same time, your hair is protected from external environmental influences such as wind, heating air or sun.


Click here for our Leave in Conditioner.

Each styling product has its own raison d'être. We explain what you can use for what ;)

Hairline sprays: Hairline sprays are usually there to conjure up volume in the hair. By giving it to the hairline, we strengthen or harden the hair and make the rest of the hair look voluminous. Perfect for fine hair, but also for thick hair not to be underestimated. ;)

You can find our hairline spray in our Volume&Shine collection: Volume Booster.

Mousse: The mousse is a very versatile styling agent. We like to recommend it for curls or hair with a lot of structure. Simply knead into the hair and get more grip in the hairstyle. ;)

You can find our mousse in our Firm&Shine collection: White Sands Mousse.

Hair gel: Hair gel stands for everything that sits bombproof. Whether slick wet hairstyles or wild spicks. With hair gel you give every hair hold!

You can find our hair gels in our Firm&Shine collection: Blue Sea Power Gel, Beach Clay Glanz Gel

Hairsprays: Everyone knows them, everyone loves them. Haarsrpays are mostly used as a finish and in combination with other styling products. Simply spray into the finished hairstyle with a little distance and create instant hold.

You can find our hairspray in our Firm&Shine collection: Firm&Shine Haarspray

Dry shampoo: Yes, dry shampoo is also a styling product!
Dry shampoo not only freshens up your hair, it also gives volume.
Simply spray on the roots, briefly rinse through the hair and marvel at your new volume!

You can find our dry shampoo in our original collection: Fresh Up Trockenshampoo

With the selection it is sometimes difficult to find its perfect partner. We show you for which hair type which brush is suitable!

Paddle brushes: Our favorite brush! Perfect for straight hair! Too much structure or curls are rather out of place here!

Click here for our Paddle Brush


Care Brush with natural bristles: Natural bristles are super fine and absorbent. This gives the brush a caring and gentle effect on your hair! The fine boar bristles gently detangle your hair and absorb the salts and grease your scalp with each use. After repeated use, they distribute these in your hair and build up a natural protection.

Who wants to counteract as his greasy roots and split ends in the lengths and tips, is well advised with a Care Brush!

Click here for our Care Brush!

Round brushes
The Care Styler and the Volume Styler as round brushes are ideal to work out your desired volume or to give your hair a nice shape.The round hair brushes bring new possibilities to your styles and offer your hair an extra care! Both the Care Styler and the Volume Styler come in different sizes.

Care Styler

The integrated boar bristles in the Care Styler give the best possible traction while the additional pins provide optimal grip. A light foam handle offers perfect comfort, which makes blow-drying easier. With the help of the boar bristles, this brush also transports valuable nutrients from your roots to the lengths and tips.

Click here for our Round brushes!


Volume Styler

The super light Volume Styler round brushes prevent any punctual overheating of the hair during styling due to their specially developed thermal sleeves.Due to the very good conductive Ceramic alloy, the heat is distributed evenly over the entire brush body. Thus, the hair is protected & does not dry out too much, while a simple styling with straightener or hair dryer becomes a breeze.

Click here for our Round brushes!

What is special about the genuine combs?

Lady Amber & Lady Rose comb
The surfaces are rounded & refined by hand. These combs are considered hair ornaments & are an unusual, unique accessory in your bathroom. Curly hair, which should only be processed with a comb (best when wet), feels especially comfortable with these combs.


Click here for our Lady Amber comb.
Click here for our Lady Rose comb.

How and when do I recognize what my hair needs?

How can I tell if my hair needs protein or moisture?
How do I know which mask is suitable for me?
At what point does my hair need a hair oil?
What does my hair need after bleaching/coloring?
What does my hair need after a perm?
What does my hair need after a keratin treatment?

Hair oil for dry, brittle and split ends plagued hair? Yes please!

Hair oil is a wonderful way to protect your hair! Here, however, oil is not to be confused with moisture. Oil doesn't moisturize, it helps you retain it.

So hair oil is for any hair that goes through a lot of stress and needs protection from external influences.

With our
Treasure Oil we have created a very special hair oil for you. ;)

Give it a try!

The Volume&Shine mask mask is suitable for structurally damaged and very dry lengths, which are more common in fine or bleached hair, for example. But also for thick hair, the V&S mask can do wonders. Its moisture and nutrient boost brings a great hair feel and strengthens the structure.

Our Color Preserve mask contains mainly the color protection and color intensity. So if you have colored hair, this mask is made for you. Through it, the cuticle is locked, so that moisture and color pigments are better left in the hair.

For particularly hungry, very dry hair, we have designed our Wet&Shine mask .
With added wheat proteins and Keratrix, it builds your hair from the inside out and gives a lot of moisture. Intensive care guaranteed!

For those who do not always have the desire or time for long hair washing, the My Secret Quicky Mask ideal. It is our all-rounder among the masks. After only 60 seconds, it offers you intensive care, shine, moisture and a hair feeling like from the hairdresser. However, since it is not as intense as our other masks, it is also perfect for daily care.

Hair oil for dry, brittle and split ends plagued hair? Yes please!

Hair oil is a wonderful way to protect your hair! Here, however, oil is not to be confused with moisture. Oil doesn't moisturize, it helps you retain it.

So hair oil is for any hair that goes through a lot of stress and needs protection from external influences.

With our
Treasure Oil we have created a very special hair oil for you. ;)

Give it a try!

Bleaching or coloring usually/frequently interferes with the hair structure. Therefore, your hair needs a lot of care after coloring. Conditioners are mandatory to close the cuticle of the hair. Treat your hair at least 1 time a week with a nice hair treatment to make it strong again.

Products with a lot of keratin are also recommended. Keratin restructures and regenerates severely damaged hair.

Here, for example, our
Volume&Shine Leave in or our Color Preserve mask would be a wonderful alternative for you!

Similar to coloring, behind the perm is a chemical process that changes the hair structure. Treat your hair to intensive hair treatments that rebuild the hair structure healthy.

Conditioner as well as care masks are mandatory here!

Look for ingredients such as shea butter, goji berry and meadowfoam oil, keratin.

An intensive care oil is also recommended.

Here we can recommend our complete Color Preserve series . In addition, the Treasure Oil fits perfectly into a care for permed hair.

1. do not wash hair for 48 hours and if possible do not tie.

2. avoid products with sodium chloride, alcohol and sulfates.

3. wait at least two weeks before coloring your hair.

4. and then absolutely avoid colors containing ammonia.

5. do not wash the hair excessively, so that the keratin does not wash out.

6. care for hair intensively even after treatment.

7. use products containing keratin.

8. make regular hair treatments and masks, so that the result is maintained longer.

How and when do I recognize what my hair needs?

How to solve my problem with...

Split ends?
dry hair?
greasy hair?
thinning hair?
Hair loss?
little volume?
itchy scalp?
static charge or flying hair?
knotted hair?

One thing first: split ends cannot be regenerated. So if you have split ends, there is no way around cutting them off.

However, you can prevent it by protecting your hair sufficiently with nourishing oils or a leave-in conditioner.

With our
Treasure Oil and the Wet&Shine Leave in we offer you great solvents ;)

The most common causes of dry hair are too frequent coloring and blow-drying your hair too hot. Your hair is deprived of a lot of moisture and the result is dry hair. Therefore, a moisturizing care like our Wet&Shine Leave in Condtioner or the My Secret Quicky Mask. Hair oils can also help you store moisture in your hair. Simply work a few drops of hair oil into wet hair. The oil surrounds the hair and locks the moisture in them. At the same time your hair is protected from external environmental factors.

When your scalp is irritated, it produces more sebum.
So always try to treat it gently. Do not blow dry or wash your scalp too hot.

It is also recommended to wear loose hairstyles and to brush your scalp only gently.

Apart from that, it is very important to drink enough water. If this is not the case, your body may detoxify through your scalp instead of your kidneys. This makes you sweat more on your head, this sweat mixes with the natural salts and fats of the scalp and makes your hair look greasy as a result.

So the following points are important:

Healthy diet, plenty of water, little stimuli on the scalp.

Products that you can use from us against oily hair:

Balance Intense Shampoo
LOOG Lotion

When the hair thins, this often has several causes: too frequent hair washing, frequent coloring / bleaching, regular work with heat on the hair (straightener, curling iron), or even aging hair.
All these causes unite, however, that thinning hair can hardly hold / store moisture and nutrients inside the hair, whereby the process accelerates more and more and ultimately ends in hair breakage and porosity.
It is therefore important to work with an appropriate care. First and foremost here are hair masks.
A hair mask regenerates broken areas in the hair and builds up the hair interior. In addition, a mask closes and smoothes the cuticle of the hair surface. This results in less friction; the hair no longer becomes rough, is more supple and can better and longer store the supplied nutrients and moisture in the hair.
A real all-rounder for any hair structure is our My Secret Quicky Mask with a pleasant and effective application of only 60 seconds.

The origin of hair loss is in the hair roots. It is therefore recommended to stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp by gently brushing and massaging it. One cause of hair loss can be clogged pores of the scalp. To counteract this, it is advisable to clean them with a tincture. For this purpose you can use our L'oog 36 - Hair Loss and Dandruff Lotion .

There are two types of dandruff: oily dandruff and dry dandruff.
So you should first determine which type of dandruff you have.
Oily dandruff tends to be larger, lighter and usually sticks to the scalp or hair. ou can manage this type of dandruff with our 
Balance Intense Shampoo . A hair loss lotion like our L’oog 36 would also be recommended here, as it actively prevents dandruff.
Dry dandruff, on the other hand, is small, white and often trickles down from your head onto your clothes. You can counteract them by reducing your hair washing and massaging your scalp with a vitamin-rich oil to stimulate circulation.

You get more volume in your hair when you blow dry it upside down. Also, the application of dry shampoo upside down promotes your volume. In addition, styling products can help you to further expand your volume (e.g., hairline sprays).

Important here: Make sure you do not use heavy products that pull your hair down. Too much moisture smoothes your hair, for example, rather.

Products that you can use for more volume: Fresh Up dryshampoo, Volume Booster

If your scalp itches, you should use a very mild care product that contains natural moisturizing factors such as aloe vera. You can find this, for example, in our Lüttje Lü Shampoo. This shampoo provides a balanced moisture balance and offers you a mild cleansing.
In very acute cases you can use our
 Cooling Water.

It not only counteracts irritation and redness, but also vitalizes the blood circulation of your scalp.

Apart from that, you should take care of your scalp as much as possible. Therefore, do not blow dry your hair too hot or wash it too often. Lukewarm water with light pressure massages is recommended. If you cannot do without blow-drying, set your hairdryer to the coldest setting.

If your hair becomes statically charged, it needs more moisture. You can achieve a sufficient supply of moisture, for example, with a leave-in conditioner or a conditioning mask. More important here, however, is the care mask or conventional conditioners. These have the ability to close the cuticle of the hair and thus provide less surface.

Click here for our care masks.

Make sure you don't rub your hair dry after washing, but gently squeeze it with a towel. Also, very dry hair tends to tangle. It is therefore recommended to provide your hair with sufficient moisture. The Wet&Shine Leave in Conditioner promotes the combability of the hair through its high moisture supply and at the same time protects it from external environmental influences that stress your hair.

What is the best way to use my products? Sequence, frequency, application, etc.

Care masks
Leave in Conditioner
Dry shampoo
Gels and waxes
Firming agent
Hair lacquer
Paddle Brush
Round brushes
Heat protection
Hair oil
Hair Tonics

The first time you wash your hair with a new shampoo, you should shampoo your hair twice, so we can make sure that the residue of the previous shampoo is completely washed out. After that you can shampoo your hair once as usual. Keep in mind that our genuine's are hairdressing products, so they are much more productive than drugstore products. An almond size of shampoo is enough.

We recommend you to rub the shampoo in your hands until it foams before you put it in your hair, because this way the ingredients contained in it can work better.

Click here for our Shampoos.

Work the mask into the hair from the tips upwards to about ear level and rinse it out thoroughly but gently after the specified application time. Use it at the beginning with every hair wash, so that your hair can absorb the care well and thus adjusts faster.

Click here for our care masks.

Leave in conditioners should be shaken vigorously before use. After that, it is recommended to spray the product onto your hands and rub it into your palms. You can then apply it to the porous areas of your hair and work your way up to ear level at the most.

Click here to see our conditioners.

It is recommended to shake your dry shampoo before use.

Hold the can about 20-30 cm from your head and spray the fresh up on your roots (pro tips: use upside down for more volume).

Keep in mind that our genuine's are high intensity hair products. So just a few sprays of the Fresh up will do the trick.

Leave it on for a short time so that sebum and styling residues can be absorbed. Afterwards, you can massage it in a bit and brush it through (or just wave your fingers through your hair a bit).

Click here for our Fresh Up dry shampoo.

Spray the hairspray on your hairstyle from a distance of about 20 cm. This will prevent it from getting too centered on your hair and making it stick.
If you are quick, you can also spray it into the unmade hairstyle to shape it afterwards.

Click here for our hairspray: Firm&Shine Haarspray

You should rub gels and waxes well in your hand before you put them in your hair. Simply give an almond size in your palm, rub well and then knead into the hair. Then shape the hairstyle as desired.

Here is a small selection of our gels and waxes: Beach Clay Glanz Gel, Sloopy Dog

Hair setting lotions are great for preparing the hair for a hairstyle. Simply put an appropriate amount (depending on hair length) in the palms and gently work into the hair. Then style your hair as usual.

Here you should make sure to blow dry your hair as usual after application. Otherwise it can come to sticky spots in the hair. By blow-drying and brushing the setting agent is evenly distributed in the hair and leads to a great result!

Click here for our setting lotion: Firm&Shine setting lotion


Hair mousses or mousses act similarly to liquid setting lotions. They work best in damp hair. Simply put a walnut- to tennis ball-sized amount of mousse into the palms of your hands and then work it into your hair.

To create voluminous curls, we recommend kneading the mousse into the hair here.

Then style as usual.

Click here for our mousse: White Sands Mousse

Hair lacquer is basically the extreme version of hairspray. It is applied in exactly the same way as hairspray. Simply spray it into the hair from about 20 cm and use it to fix hairstyles or style them further. However, the hold here is much stronger than with conventional hairspray.

Here is our hair lacquer: Firm&Shine hair lacquer

The Paddle Brush is a multifunctional brush that glides gently and quickly through wet hair and promotes the drying process. It can be used for styling and provides stability and fine shine not only in long or medium length hair, but also in short hair.

To avoid knots, we recommend brushing the hair gradually from the bottom up. So the last brushing stroke should start from the scalp.

Click here for our Paddle Brush.

If you use a round brush, you should divide your hair into several sections and blow dry them in stages. First dry your hair without a brush until it is only slightly wet. Then use the round brush to give your hair the desired shape.


Click here for our round brushes.

Put 1-2 pumps of the Glory in your palms, rub it gently and then put it first in your tips, because there the hair is most porous and needs the most protection. Then work your way up the lengths to ear level.

It is best to brush your hair again generously with the Care Brush, so that the Glory can distribute evenly throughout the hair.
Since Glory Tips Serum is both a heat protector and a hair oil, you can also add it to your hair when it is dry and damaged. It not only moisturizes, but also prevents further damage.

You should generally use hair oil sparingly. Start with a small amount and feel your way slowly.

Here it is also recommended to work the oil into wet hair. This way you lock in the moisture in the hair.

Of course, you can also use the oil in dry hair. Simply distribute in the palm of your hand and lightly stroke the lengths and tips.

Here you can find our hair oil: Treasure Oil.

If you are using silver shampoo for the first time, you should be very careful with it at first. After all, we are dealing with color pigments here. If your hair is too light and the shampoo is left on for too long, you may notice slight coloration in your hair.

In addition, the silver shampoo only works if yellow color particles are also found in the hair. Brown, black or red hair will not be affected.

We always recommend to let the silver shampoo work for about 1 minute. If the effect is not enough for you, you can of course leave it on longer.

Another tip from us: Gloves for application could be helpful. Should the shampoo remain too long on your palms, it could be that you come out of the shower with slightly stained hands.

But here too: a couple of washes and the coloring is gone again. :)

Click here for our silver shampoo: Sølv silver shampoo

All our tonics are provided with dosing caps. You can simply swipe them over your scalp. Since the tonics are generally very liquid, you do not even have to apply pressure to the bottle. Once the tonic has been applied, you can then gently massage it in.

The application time is entirely up to you. You can theoretically keep it completely in your hair until the next shampoo.

Here you can find our tonics: LOOG Lotion, Cooling Water

What is the best way to use my products? Sequence, frequency, application, etc.

What external influences on my hair should I be aware of?

How your diet affects your hair.
Your hair in summer
Your hair in winter
Daily shower

Of course, the right hair care is crucial for the condition of your hair. However, it is often forgotten that nutrition also plays an important role for your scalp and hair situation.

For example, sufficient water intake is responsible for the detoxification of your body via the kidneys. If you don't drink enough, it is possible that the detoxification process of your body takes place increasingly via the scalp in the form of sweat. The result is a quickly greasy scalp.


Basically, your hair and skin are a reflection of your lifestyle. Poor or unbalanced nutrition causes dull hair.

To counteract this, you should integrate enough protein and iron into your diet. However, in order for this to be absorbed properly, your body needs vitamin C.
You can find vitamin C in foods such as peppers, strawberries or currants.

Also, the intake of healthy fats is essential for happy hair. Rapeseed, sunflower and walnut oil help you with this.

Summer is just around the corner - you should pay attention now!

The days are getting longer, it's finally warm outside and the sun is showing its best side again! Why you should pay special attention to your hair now and what you should avoid at all costs, we tell you here!


Air conditioners: practical, but bad for your hair

Do you often spend hot days in air-conditioned rooms, such as in the office or in the car? Air conditioners are super convenient, but they damage our hair enormously! The "unnatural" air causes the previously shiny mane to become brittle and dry out- unattractive!

So instead of unnaturally cooling down the room you're in, try intermittent ventilation and, if available, lower the shutters to prevent direct sunlight. However, if you can't avoid using the air conditioner, protect and nourish your hair! You can do this, for example, with our Treasure Oil or Wet & Shine Leave-In Conditioner. Simply knead into the tips and dehydration is already prevented!

Sunglasses: Absolute summer must-have?

Sunglasses are not only super practical, but often also a fashion statement. Are you one of those people who stick their sunglasses in their hair? You might want to avoid this in the future, as it can often lead to hair breakage. Especially if your sunglasses have nose pads, you should rather clamp them to the T-shirt, because unfortunately these can often even tear out hair if you take them off too quickly.

Brush wet hair

In warm weather, just let your hair air-dry? Great idea, we think, because hairdryer heat dries out the hair and makes it dull. But please avoid using a brush! Wet hair is very elastic and breaks more easily when a brush is used. Instead, if your hair needs detangling, use a coarse-toothed comb, like our handmade Lady Amber or Lady Rose models, or even just your fingers.

Finally into the sun: but with heat protection!

Not only can you get a sunburn on your scalp, but your lengths and tips can also be affected!

That's why you should think of a head covering when you go directly into the sun: so you minimize possible damage! But also a rich mask with UV protection can work wonders and you don't have to worry about dehydration anymore! Our Volume & Shine, Wet & Shine und Color Preserve masks all contain UV protection and intensively care for your hair.

If you take all these tips to heart, then nothing will stand in the way of a relaxed summer!

Our summer must-haves: the Fresh Up Trockenshampoo, Treasure Oil, all masks, as well as the Wet & Shine Leave-In Conditioner!

The pre-Christmas season has begun and winter mode is also setting in on the head. The scalp suddenly starts to itch and the lengths and tips resemble parched straw. So now it's time to get ready for winter!

Rely on oils and masks

Tension and itchy scalp is classically a sign of moisture deficiency. Lackluster, dull and charged tips also fit the bill. Step number one should first be to look at the heating: turned up full blast is usually not only unpleasant for the wallet, but also quite damaging for the hair! Therefore (if not unavoidable): Turn it down a notch!
The best way to combat dehydration is with a nourishing oil like our Treasure Oil or a rich mask like the Volume & Shine Maske . If you are plagued by itchy, irritated and dry scalp, a combination of both is the ultimate rescue for you: simply mix one to two drops of Treasure Oil with a small amount of Volume & Shine Mask and apply to the roots and tips. Please only apply directly to the roots if you don't have greasy hair! In this case, apply the combination to your lengths and tips and give them a long exposure time of about 45 minutes. This way you prepare your hair optimally for a possible hard winter. Ideally, you should use this treatment once a week for lasting care.

With cap or without?

In addition to dry scalp, oily scalp is also a classic winter phenomenon. The constant wearing of headgear such as caps makes for flattened, greasy or sweaty hair. The scalp cannot breathe enough under a cap and thus simply sweats more. But what to do when it's so bitterly cold outside? You should not freeze, of course, and such a flattened approach can be easily refreshed.

Our Fresh Up Trockenshampoo even has this function right in its name! It also absorbs excess grease and leaves your roots not only smelling good, but also looking freshly washed.

Your winter hair problem was not included today? Let us know and we will include your suggestions in our upcoming winter series. For an individual consultation, you can always reach us via email or Instagram or Facebook!

You've probably heard it before: washing your hair every day is incredibly damaging to your hair and you should do everything in your power to get rid of it. We have once again consulted with our expert hairdressing team and give the all-clear: Washing your hair every day is not as bad as everyone says.

Is there a point to it?

First of all, it's a fact that hair care always depends on how you feel. If you feel comfortable washing your hair every day, it's just as okay as if you feel comfortable washing it every three to four days. You do you! But how harmful is the daily use of shampoo and co. really? In principle, there is no great danger to your scalp to wash daily. If you are used to it and have no complaints, then it is completely okay to continue. It is true that the scalp is deprived of important fats and salts every day, which could, for example, give the rest of the hair a nice shine by brushing, but per se it is absolutely not harmful. The situation is different, of course, if you are currently struggling with complaints such as flaky and itchy scalp. In this case, you should definitely reconsider washing your hair every day, because it is quite possible that your scalp will be too stressed and dried out. Especially aggressive anti-dandruff shampoos or anti-grease shampoos have a habit of irritating the scalp when used too often. So if you don't want to miss your daily ritual, you should definitely consider a product change. Our Lüttje Lü Shampoo is exactly the right choice for you if you need a mild cleansing that soothes the scalp - you won't find strong surfactants here. Our Easy Sensitive Shampoo is also suitable for daily hair washing, but the cleansing effect is somewhat stronger than with Lüttje Lü and the scent is more intense (the best way to wake up in the morning 😉).

Is it better to delay the hair washes then?

Actually you want to get away from daily hair washing? You find it totally annoying to get up early every morning just to take a shower? No problem, of course we have also thought of you. If you want to increase the interval between your hair washes, then of course you also need a suitable shampoo. If you tend to have oily scalp and face skin, our Balance Intense Shampoo will help you regulate the sebum production of your scalp.

However, as always, our credo applies here as well: consultation is everything! Therefore, you should definitely try our product finder and let us recommend the right shampoo for you or simply write to us directly.

Info about our ingredients.

Moringa oil
Wheat protein
Papaya extract
Grain protein
Birch extract
Bamboo extract
Saccharide isomerate
Cotton extracts
Almond extract
Goji berry
Meadowfoam oil
Aloe Vera
Beet extract
green tangerine
cold pressed avocado oil

The behenic acid contained in Moringa oil offers your hair an intensive moisture supply. This makes it more elastic and resistant.
Moringa oils can be found for example in our Wet&Shine Shampoo and Wet&Shine Mask.

Wheat proteins in hair care products are there to strengthen the hair. At the same time, they protect it by wrapping themselves around the hair like a protective mantle. Thus, your hair becomes smoother and gets a natural shine. Wheat proteins are also recommended for very stressed or dry hair, because they lock the moisture in the hair.

Ginger promotes blood circulation in the scalp. Thus, it works wonders for hair-related problems such as dandruff or hair loss. Since ginger also has an antiseptic effect, it can also be used for irritations and redness.
You can find ginger for example in our Volume Supreme Shampoo.

On the one hand, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and soothes irritated or red scalp. On the other hand, it provides your hair with moisture by penetrating deep into the hair fibers.

Papaya extract prevents moisture loss from hair and (head) skin. At the same time, your hair becomes more elastic and resistant.

You can find papaya extract in our Easy Sensitive Shampoo.

Keratin is the stuff our hair and nails are made of. Hair consists of 90 percent of this special protein. The rest is made up of pigments, water and lipids. Keratin strengthens the hair from the inside, while from the outside it has a protective effect and makes it resistant.

Especially very stressed hair should use care products with keratin.

You will find a lot of keratin, for example, in our Volume&Shine leave in!

Keratrix acts as a repair, protection, structuring and fixing agent. It protects the hair fiber, strengthens and prevents it from breaking, restores integrity, improves elasticity and resistance.

In addition, it acts as an anti-frizz effect and protects the hair from humidity. It restores hair structure and barrier function and reduces the typical porosity of damaged hair.

Keratrix can be found in our masks such as the Wet&Shine mask.

Proteins are the building blocks of hair. Hair structure and resistance depend on them. If proteins are missing, the hair becomes brittle and fragile. Hair strands that grow back have no resistance and break easily, often resulting in hair loss.

You can find grain protein in our My Secret Quicky mask!

Birch extract is especially known for its hair growth and blood circulation stimulating effect on the scalp. It is used to treat problematic hair conditions and to use the disinfecting properties of birch extract in inflammatory processes.

You can find birch extract in our Cooling Water. Perfect for sensitive scalps.

Bamboo extract is used in hair care precisely because of the silicon it contains. Through the silicon we can stimulate hair growth, provide more shine and elasticity, as well as soothe and strengthen the scalp. This stimulates blood circulation, thereby strengthening the hair and resulting in less hair loss.

Bamboo extract can be found in our Cooling Water!

Menthol we use mainly for scalp care. Menthol has an anti-inflammatory effect and gives a pleasant cool feeling. In addition, menthol stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp which ensures strong hair and less hair loss.

Menthol can be found in our Cooling Water and LOOG Lotion.

Silica is used in hair care precisely because of the silicon it contains. Through the silicon we can stimulate hair growth, provide more shine and elasticity, as well as soothe and strengthen the scalp. This stimulates blood circulation, thereby strengthening the hair and resulting in less hair loss.

You can find silicic acid in our Cooling Water!

Urea shampoos can help against dry scalp and dandruff. The urea not only protects your scalp from drying out, but also cares for your hair. Urea shampoos can relieve the symptoms of irritations such as psoriasis on the scalp. Urea can also help to improve the skin's appearance in the case of neurodermatitis.

You can find urea in our Volume&Shine Shampoo.

Saccharide Isomerate is a natural moisturizing substance derived from sugars. Saccharide Isomerate forms a natural bond with the keratin of the skin and hair and thus helps to introduce and retain moisture for a long time.

Saccharide Isomerate can be found in our Volume&Shine Shampoo and Black Beard Shampoo.

The extract obtained from cotton flowers counteracts cell aging and promotes the skin's own repair mechanism, making it more resistant and protected against harmful environmental influences.

You can find cotton extract in our Volume Booster hairline spray.

Shea butter contains beta carotene, vitamin E and allantoin in addition to various unsaturated fatty acids. Especially the allantoin makes shea butter so valuable for the care especially of dry and stressed hair. The natural product provides brittle and split ends prone hair with an extra portion of moisture. In use, it helps to smooth your lengths and ends and make your hair supple and easy to comb.

You will find shea butter mainly in our care masks. Our Wet&Shine mask and Color Preserve mask both benefit from this wonderful ingredient.

Almond extract is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Almonds contain good fats and a lot of fiber and are low in carbohydrates. However, almond extract is not only fantastic for consumption, but also good for skin and hair. Almond extract is used in cosmetics because it can lock in moisture, strengthening skin and hair.

You can find almond extract in our Color Preserve Shampoo.

Goji berries is not for nothing also called anti-aging berry. Their high antioxidant effect promotes the growth and protection of skin cells. But the small bright red berries are also an effective helper for us as hair lovers: With proteins, amino acids and micro-oils, they provide color brilliance, suppleness and less hair loss.

That's why you'll find goji berry extracts in our Brilliant Light Daily Conditioner for long-lasting color retention. ;)

Meadowfoam oil softens hair, prevents dryness and soothes hair and scalp. Especially after coloring, your hair will be visibly shiny and especially soft thanks to the moisturizing properties of the oil extracted from the seeds of this delicate little flower.

Therefore, you will also find meadowfoam oil in our Color Preserve mask. Perfect for colored hair. ;)

Aloe Vera has many properties that will benefit your hair. On the one hand, it soothes itchy scalp. Furthermore, it strengthens and repairs your hair through vitamins A, C and E.

Aloe vera efficiently cleanses the hair shaft and removes extra oil and residue from other hair products.

But aloe vera does not harm your hair strands while it cleans. Unlike other chemicals in hair products, aloe vera is gentle and preserves the integrity of your hair.

You can find aloe vera in our Lüttje Lü Shampoo!

Beet can stimulate hair growth and improve the hair structure, as the red tuber contains many beneficial substances such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins B and C. The protein component betaine, for example, strengthens the natural defenses of the hair cells.

You can find beet extract in our Lüttje Lü Shampoo!

The citrus oil of green tangerine is considered very rich in vitamins and gentle. In hair care, it helps you lock in moisture and provide your scalp and hair with vitamins.

Ingredients of green tangerine can be found in our Lüttje Lü Shampoo!

When applied to the skin, avocado oil provides a lot of moisture and is therefore a beneficial care especially for dry, flaky and sensitive skin - and without leaving a greasy layer on the skin!
In hair care, avocado oil is suitable for restoring brittle hair to health and making it supple. In addition, the ingredients cause the hair is strengthened against environmental influences and shines beautifully.

You can find cold-pressed avocado oil in our Treasure Oil. ;)

Info about our ingredients.

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